Planning by Baumschlager-Eberle

Here, the exe­cut­ing crafts­men and con­struc­tion experts are meet­ing with the archi­tects Alexan­dra Promeg­ger and Albert Rüf and the Hori­zon Field mem­bers, Mar­cell Strolz and Otto Huber.

Peter Figer, a black­smith, and Stephan Bell, a stonework­er, explain the par­tic­u­lar chal­lenges of the inte­ri­or con­struc­tion with regard to the cir­cum­fer­en­tial gran­ite bench.

Baum­schlager-Eber­le, with Univ. Prof. Diet­mar Eber­le, are the archi­tec­tur­al project part­ners of the Sky­space-Lech project. The archi­tects devel­op oper­a­tional con­struc­tion plans from the sketch­es of James Tur­rell. A com­plex process that also entails many con­sul­ta­tions with the artist.