Foto: Florian Holzherr


The Skyspace-Lech is a sensitive place of art, for whose visit special attention is necessary.

Picture: Florian Holzherr

Visit and Opening Hours

The Skyspace-Lech is open all year on a daily basis.

Please be aware that the Skyspace may be closed due to bad weather or private guided tours.

The Skyspace-Concept, consisting the specific light art developed by James Turrell, can only be displayed during Sunrise and Sunset-Times and good weather conditions (no rainfall/no snowfall). The cupola must be open for this concept.

The Skyspace-Lech offers space for a maximum of 30 visitors. Attention: the Skyspace-Lech closes on time. Please plan the visit accordingly!

If you are planning a visit during Sunrise- respectively Sunset-Times please have a look at the visiting calendar to make sure that the Skyspace is opened.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Journey and parking spots

The Skyspace-Lech sits picture perfectly above the last smattering of houses in Oberlech and is located approximately 15-20 minutes away from the bus stop by foot.

Please consider that no designated parking spots are available for visitors at the Skyspace-Lech or in Oberlech. Additionally, there is no direct access road.

Please use the parking spots in the village Lech (e.g. Schlosskopfparkplatz, Parkgarage Anger) and use public transportation or a cab to reach the Skyspace-Lech (until the gate).

Accessibility in winter:
- via Bergbahn Oberlech to Burgplateau, continue walking about 30-40 minutes on the winter walking trail towards Tannegg - Gaisbühel - Auenfeld
- via Schloßkopfsessellift, about 10 minutes walking distance in the direction Tannegg - Gaisbühel - Auenfeld
by ski on the piste 210 (Grubenalpe)

Accessibility in summer:
- via Bergbahn Oberlech to Burgplateau, continue walking about 30-40 minutes on the walking trail towards Kriegeralpe or  Gaisbühel - Auenfeld

- by foot from Lech on the walking trail to Burgplateau and further on the walking trail towards Kriegeralpe or  Gaisbühel - Auenfeld

It's also possible to take the local bus Nr. 4 to Oberlech either in winter or summer. From the last bus stop in Oberlech (Schlössle) it takes a 15 minutes walk to reach Skyspace-Lech. Current Schedule Local Bus Lech Zürs

Information regarding hiking trails and ski-runs leading to the Skyspace-Lech/ to the mountain railways may be received online via or via

During the winter season the Skyspace-Lech is accessible by Schlosskopf chairlift (10 minutes walk) and Oberlech cable car (30 minutes walk).

Information concerning the journey to Lech by plane/ bus/ train/ car depending on the season can be found on the website:

Calendar for visits

Here you can find an overview of the upcoming guided tours and details with respect to the opening hours of Skyspace-Lech.

Jul 2020


Opening hours in July

Opening hours are generally between one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset.
Select a day to get more information about visiting times, reservations and guided tours.
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Calendar for visits
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Opening hours:


December 1st - April 19th: 12 am - 8 pm

April 20th - May 31st: Restricted opening hours due to environmental issues: 9 am - 6 pm

June 1st - November 30th: 1 hour before sunrise until 1 hour after sunset


If you are planning a visit during sunrise- respectively sunset-times please check our calendar in advance to make sure that, due to frequent private guided tours, the Skyspace is opened.

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During opening hours, your visit to the Skyspace-Lech is free of charge. However, the Horizon Field association, in charge for mantainance and operating, highly appreciates a donation of EUR 2,-/ person for its engagement.

For donations use the slot under the screen in the tunnel.

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The Skyspace-Lech is located almost 1800 meters above see-level in the alpine terrain. Therefore, appropriate clothing (rain protection/ sturdy shoes) is advised.

When weather is very bad (thunder storm, snow storm, fog etc.) we do not recommend a visit, respectively the Skyspace-Lech can be closed. 

Warning: some visitors experience dizziness when watching the light program. Please leave the lightroom in time when feelings of dizziness occure.

Since many visits start or end in the darkness we recommend to carry a pocket lamp. In particular after leaving the light room the eyes are not adapted to darkness which leads to a limited visual range.

The road to the Skyspace-Lech is closed off by a barrier and not accessible to motor vehicles.

Access to Skyspace is not barrier-free. If you need assistance, please contact Lech-Zürs Tourist Office (phone +43 5583 2161 0) or

Visitors may reach the Skyspace-Lech only on foot or by skiing during winter months. Please consider that there are no hospitality services or restrooms on site.

Please note that commercial photography/videography, or the utilization of such, from the interior (including the entrance tunnel) of the Skyspace-Lech requires permission from the art association Horizon Field - Kunstverein Vorarlberg.

Travelling Groups with the Bus
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Group visits are in general only possible with advanced notice. There are no parking facilities for busses in Oberlech.

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Information concerning the journey to Lech by plane/ bus/ train/ car depending on the season can be found on the website:

Program and Guided Tours

The Sky­space-Con­cept with its specif­i­cal­ly devel­oped light art from James Tur­rell can only be seen dur­ing sun­rise and sun­set times. Since the cupo­la must be open, good weath­er con­di­tions are nec­es­sary.

The light per­for­mance lasts about 45 min­utes.

Evening vis­it:
please make sure to be at the Sky­space 5 min­utes before the exact Sun­set-Time.

Morn­ing vis­it:
please make sure to be at the Sky­space 45 min­utes before the exact Sun­rise Time.

Dur­ing the day
and good weath­er con­di­tions (no show­ers) the cupo­la of the Sky­space stays opened. Dur­ing this time vis­i­tors are invit­ed to watch the chang­ing skys com­bined with the
mov­ing light cone of the sun along the walls of the sens­ing room.

Dur­ing bad weath­er times the cupo­la is closed and a sec­ond light art pro­gram will be per­formed. This sec­ond pro­gram cre­ates a Ganzfeld – effect at the area of the cupo­la.


The two artis­tic light art con­cepts – the Sky­space-Con­cept and the Ganzfeld-Effect – and the closing/opening of the cupo­la can only be per­formed in a guid­ed tour with an expert per­son.

If you plan a vis­it dur­ing sun­rise respec­tive­ly sun­set times, due to many reser­va­tions, please con­tact Lech-Zuers Tourist Office or to make sure that the Sky­space-Lech is open.

Program 2019/20
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The Skyspace-Lech is arguably most impressive during the time (not daytime), when the sun goes down and the night approaches. Therefore, all guided tours are scheduled around the specific sunset-time of a chosen day.

Weekly tours take place on Tuesday (in English) and on Friday (in German) evening during winter season.
The rest of the year we offer public tours every Friday in German language, respectively in English on request.




Registration and Fees
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Registration public Tours:
Tickets are available at the Lech Zürs Tourist Office or online.

Registration until 6 p.m. the day before the planned tour at the latest!
Please be aware that the guided tour can only take place when reaching the minimum number of participants (8 persons).

Price of guided tour: € 15,- per person

Participants: minimum 8 persons, maximum 30 persons.

The guided tour can be cancelled at short notice due to bad weather conditions, technical problems or no-reach of minimal number of participants. In such a case advance payments will be fully refunded.

Cancellations by participants can be effectuated up to 20 hours before without cancellation fee. Short term cancellations later then 20 hours cannot be refunded.

Public guided tours are held in German language on Fridays. English guided tours are offered every Tuesday.

Group Tours and Arranged Tours
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Skyspace-Lech tours can be booked for individuals and groups for a fee of EUR 450,- for a maximum of 30 visitors.

Please register your tour with Lech-Zürs Tourist Office by

Please consider that due to capacity concerns, groups can only visit the Skyspace-Lech upon arrangement and with a guided tour. Tours can only be conducted by individuals that have been previously authorized by the Skyspace-Lech.